Gene Expression Across Multiple Tissues/Cell Lines.

Human (hg19)

Gene BRCA1 (RNF53, hCG_16943) [NR_027676, NM_007294, NM_007300, NM_007299, NM_007297, NM_007298, ENSG00000012048, ENST00000357654, ENST00000309486, ENST00000468300, ENST00000467274, ENST00000461221, ENST00000471181, ENST00000352993, ENST00000493795, ENST00000346315]

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Location: CellCytosolNucleus
Method: PolyA+ RNATotal RNA

These data were generated as part of ENCODE. Please click here to download these datasets.