We are actively recruiting graduate students who are interested either in bioinformatics or functional genomes. Please email me if you are interested. Below is a list of techniques that you will learn in the lab.

Bioinformatics : Determine TF occupancy, enhancer prediction, differential gene expression, 3D genome organization, GWAS.

Functional genomics: ChIP-Seq, RNA-Seq, Starr-Seq, Hi-C, Capture-C, CRISPR.

Research Project:

1) Study the function of non-coding variant in the human genome and how they contribute to diseases such as cancer;
2) Cancer epigenomics: investigate epigenetic marks for certain types of cancer with a hope that it may eventually contribute to drug discovery.
3) Study the 3D structure of the genome organization by 5C/Hi-C, in particular the interactions between enhancers and their target gene promoters;
4) Comparative genomics: investigate the evolutionary landscape of cis-regulatory elements in the mammalian genome;